About us:

We established our company in 2005, in the course of the disjunction of FlexIO Kft. We have started our work in the industrial automation in 1992 within FlexIO Kft. After it's disjunction we continued our work under the FLEX-AUTOMATIKA Kft name.

Our Activity:

Mainly we process work in the full-automation of particular technologies and satisfying special needs. Through the years we were active on the wide scale of food industry, medicine industry, from the light industry to the process control of automotive. We used various technical systems to solve projects.

The high quality of our work is guaranteed by our fully qualified electrical designer, our programmers and professionals.
The work is supported by our comfortable office building and computer park. We have a well-equipped pre-production workshop where we only produce with the products of the leading factories of the electronic industry to create the most reliable systems for our customer. To achieve the goal of satisfied customers we keep close relationship with foreign manufacturers and with their Hungarian suppliers.
We always improve our professional skills and follow the progress of the industry, the new equipments and technologies. We always strive to learn the operations and programming of new equipments.


In order to carry out tasks we work in the following areas:


· electrical, automation, planning of control technology

· special equipments,  constructing control technology of complex systems

· construction of low-voltage control technology tools

· automation of technologic production equipment

· solving control technology problems with various tools

· implementing hardware and software of Poka Yoke systems

· software development, PC programming


Details can be downloaded at the following link: Flex-Automatika Cégismertető

  • Our Activity:
  • Electrical, automation, control technology planning.
  • Technical tasks are controlled by various means.
  • Poka-Yoke systems hardware and software implementation and maintenance.
  • Individual software development on demand.
  • Planning of it networks, building, maintenance.
  • Special equipments, constructing control technology of complex systems.

  • System Monitoring:
  • 7x24 hour service & guaranteed troubleshooting time.